Honeywell Enraf’s additive injection systems ensure safe and accurate dosing of additives to fuels and assure the terminal operator that high quality and safety standards are being met.Honeywell’s Small Volume Provers offer a variety of solutions for pipelines, refineries, ship loading and unloading facilities, chemical plant, loadrack, production platforms, storage and offloading units and aviation refueling meter.

Innovative industrial filters are backed up with Rosedale Products’ commitment to customers and custom solutions. In the field, Rosedale technicians help customers find high-performing, low cost approaches to filtration needs, maximizing the performance of Rosedale’s product and creating much higher returns on investment compared with other products. This combination of technology and industry expertise makes Rosedale filtration the most cost-effective solution available to customers today.

Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis, density and viscosity technologies deliver superior flow measurement expertise while providing customers with the confidence and insight they need to continuously improve safety and efficiency in the most critical process applications.

Brodie International offers a full complement of industry leading high accuracy positive displacement flow meters ranging from a 1/2” Oval Meter to a 16” BiRotor .The Brodie line of Positive Control Valves provide a complete set of multiple control actions and types which are based upon a consistent single design base.Brodie adds to the flexibility of their Positive Displacement meters with both Electronic and Mechanical accessories that support a diverse set of applications.

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