What does a fall cost you?
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Safe Harbor loading racks for truck and railcar loading are designed for single spot or multi-spot loading areas. Our loading racks represent complete loading and unloading system designs, available in a variety of heights to suit specific applications.

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Guarddog Self Closing safety gates and Safety rails for roofs and walkways. 100% OSHA compliant passive fall protection.

Haws Integrated designs, builds, implements and manages custom-engineered industrial safety systems that provide tempered water for large-scale decontamination and emergey wash installations in extreme operating environments. Our goal is to address your unique requirements efficiently and effectively, while ensuring continuous ANSI compliance.

Haws Integrated is dedicated specifically to the design and manufacture of water tempering systems for safety showers and eyewashes. In addition to offering a full line of pre-engineered enclosed safety shower booths and skids, our staff of engineers and technicians has the capability of designing tempering systems that are custom tailored for your tempered water application.

Hy-Safe Technology provides turnkey fall protection solutions through innovative design, total dedication to customer service, and a complete range of equipment to keep workers at heights safe. We work with our customers to engineer and implement completely integral, cost effective fall-arrest systems that satisfy all safety requirements.

The Slick Sleuth line of oil spill detectors are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for remotely detecting oil spills in real-time. Should a spill or leak occur, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification, enabling users to contain accidental spills and avert otherwise costly environmental damages, cleanup/mitigation expenses, fines, regulatory penalties, and public relations nightmares. The highly sensitive sensor detects small (micron-level) amounts of oil on calm water, moving water surfaces (outfalls, streams, harbors, offshore), as well as on solid/dry surfaces.

Bullard is a leading manufacturer of high quality personal protective equipment including thermal imagers, hard hats, fire & rescue helmets, and respiratory protection products.